S. Craig Healy

Providing radio broadcast engineering services, consulting.

Current and Recent Clients for Contract Engineering

A selection of FMs from low power college to 50kw Class B. AMs from kilowatt non-directional to 25kw directionals. Several business computer and networking clients (non-broadcast). Everything from mic to tower. Computer and IT work. Satellite and automation. Industrial RF fabric welder repair and maintenance.

Current Projects

I'm working with a client to expand some existing internet streams with multiple content formats. I've found that the Orban digital processing sounds very good, and doesn't have the artifacts that simply using the transmitter feed does. That's way too compressed. Ad insertion is pretty simple, though it does require a separate playback from the automation, plus a switcher. The switcher can be a relay controlled by the automation, or a commercial product.

I have been advising my clients to focus on streaming rather than HD Radio at this time. The penetration of HD Receivers is so low in this area as to be non-existent. If and when HD does take off, an HD2 channel can simply be fed by one of the existing stream sources. The HD2 stations around here really have under-developed content for the most part.

That client is also using the internet to get live remote content back to the studio. We've used Windows Media Encoder. a relay server, and Windows Media Player 9 and 10. It works, but we're looking at a more elegant way. The Tieline boxes are under consideration, if the budget will allow it.

Other projects include installation of a new Axia digital on-air console. Main on-air studio and news/production studios installed.

Recently a Nautel Jazz 1000 at another client was damaged by a lightning strike. The problem was from a mis-routed ground wire touching a couple of silver mica capacitors under the VSWR board. The transmitter was sent back to Nautel for repair, but mostly upgrades. I re-routed the wire when it came back to prevent a recurrance. Thanks go to Nautel for quick turnaround.

Here are a couple of photos of the damage and the misrouted wire:
The wire under the power amp chassis
Card bottom with the burnt silver mica capacitors

Computer programming history and projects

Some work history

May 2004-June 2015   Chief Engineer  WCTK-98.1, WNBH-1340, WLKW-1450
Did excellent engineering for almost 12 years. Repaired many of things that were dropped down such as STL of WCTK. Also repair of transmitters for them. I was removed from that company for no reason.

March 1975-July 2006   Contract Engineer  WRIB-1220
All facets of smaller radio station engineering. Audio, internet, RF and satellite.

January 1980-July 2003   Tech Advisor  WBRU-95.5
Studio and facilities construction. Built 30kw transmitter. Built 1.5kw transmitter. Transmitter site construction. Internet and network integration with Novell servers and Windows 95/98/NT/Win2000 workstations. EncoDAD Pro32 audio system installation.

1990-1996   Consultant  Brown University Satellite Program
Satellite uplink and video teleconferencing work. Worked with Russian and US made satellite uplink stations. Assisted in work both in the US and Russia with Russian technical staff at IKI, which is their space organization. Some Russian language skills, though not fully fluent.

1980-1989   Contract Engineer  WHIM-1110
Primarily RF work. Finished design of and built two-tower directional array. Installed 5kw transmitter and phasing system. Proof of performance. Some studio work.

1976-1979   Chief Engineer  WJAR-920
Directional antenna and transmitter site rebuilding. Relocated studios to new building.

1974-1976   Chief Engineer  WGNG-550
Day to day engineering work, including traffic helicopter radio maintenance.

Random Skills:
Welding, gas and arc.
Mechanic and machinist work.
A recent project on my 1988 Chevy Blazer.
Black belt instructor in karate for 36+ years.
Class A Commercial Driver's License.

FCC First Class with Radar Endorsement 1968
FCC Extra Class Ham license, NG1U 1986
Numerous seminars, classes..