Computer Programming Projects

Assembly language classes at RI School of Electronics in 1977
TI Extended Basic work 1980-1985
QuickBasic and Visual Basic work.

Project examples:

Burk Autopilot exports data in a .csv type file. I wrote a program to extract the data for all the channels and put it into a daily file that's easy to read. Output files are by date and the data in each is by time and channel. It's worked on a number of different clients.

Sound Exchange requires a monthly report. Selector exports data in a format that Sound Exchange doesn't accept. A program was written to translate it to an acceptable format.

A program was written to take songs, IDs and liners listed in an Audio Vault log and create a common .M3U playlist file. This is used weekly to fill a blocked program in a station stream broadcast.

An older program locked up at 01 Jan 2010 due to a failure to accept any year later than that. It was modified by editing the .EXE so it's good until 2020.

Program to take data from an AP News line and run it through a ham radio modem. Then use the AP header info to strip out all of the non-relevant stories and send the desired ones to a printer. This was an emergency fix when the AP hardware failed.

Import utility to take a log from DARTS and format it for ENCO. Adds top of hour IDs, branch routines to sync to clock, and GPO switcher controls to go from satellite to ENCO and back. Written around 2004, still in daily use.

System to record station audio in 1/2 hour blocks, update the RSS XML file, and upload to a web site. Deletes files older than 24 hours. Runs 24/7. Configurable by an .INI file. Written around 2005, still used.

Similar routine to update weather on one web site and solar flux conditions on another. Also sends two automated emails per day to two mailing lists. Written around 2000, still in daily use.

System to take a song list from Selector to make a batch file that copies and renames the ENCO database songs to Artist - Title.
if exist 01021.fil copy 01021.fil e:\audio\Allman_Brothers-Midnight_Rider.mp2
Later these were translated to .mp3 for a streaming audio project.

A SPAM filter for older UUCP email was written. This site gets perhaps 250,000 inbound emails a day on two domain names. Most are rejected by the SMTP server, but perhaps 15 an hour make it through. This filter uses a whitelist for desired senders that bypasses the rest of the match database. It includes a database of blocked senders, known SPAM addresses, target words and the like. Perhaps 2-3 SPAMs a day make it past the filter. So far no false hits have been found. Written around 2003 and updated occasionally. The database includes an editor program for frequent additions and deletions. The database is sorted so more frequent hits are checked first.

A bulletin board operator requested a utility to repair bugs in a beta version of the Tradewars game, and ability to edit the game database and other things. I wrote a daily maintenance utility to replace the one included with the game which fixed the bugs not addressed by the game author. Also a database editor which allowed editing of every field in the data files. I also wrote a companion editor which allowed editing of the overlay file to change some game characteristics. This has been in use for over ten years as freeware, and I still get occasional requests for it.

Many other simple text manipulation utilities for one time and continual projects.

Last update: January 2011